On the Go

Americans today seem to be constantly on the go. Wake up, grab coffee, head to school, rush to practice, pick up food. GO, GO, GO!

As I head out the door, I grab my bag. Afterall, it contains everything I need while traveling: keys, smartphone, wallet and … a knitting project.

sock yarn

Knitting fit into my life when I realized my life involved go, stop, wait, go again, wait again, go, repeat. The frequent interruptions left me unsettled and sometimes feeling unproductive. However, at the end of the cycle, I could look down at the knitting needles and realize I made progress.

Yes, the children were being attended to and while I sat waiting for the next “taxi service request”, I knit. The long string of yarn and hundreds of stitches were beginning to take form into a recognizable shape. The repetitive motion kept my hands busy while I chatted with other parents and watched over the lesson at the ice rink.

doll sweater

Since my pocketbook became the family suitcase; ready to fulfill all requests such as “I need a tissue.”, “Can I have some gum?” and “I’m hungry.” I thought it should also contain my request: an entertaining, relaxing, easy-going knitting project. Because, even though I carry a large bag, there’s no room in there for an unfinished quilt project.

What uncommon item do you carry in your bag?

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