An article of clothing can bring me back to a distant memory so quickly it feels like I’m riding on a jet plane.

May_2013 005

One autumn day in Houston, Texas I was walking through Rice University and my boyfriend grabbed my belt loop.  I took the next step forward and heard “RRRIIIIIPPP”.  He had pulled the seam completely apart on my favorite pair of jeans.  My husband and I chuckle today as we remember that distant memory when we were just “kids”.

May_2013 061

Memories like wearing the same hat every day all summer long.  Remembering the white painting project that seemed to take too long to dry.  The hoe that pierced the tough pants material and left a round hole.  The detail of the metal button on the favorite pair of pants.  The day when jumping quickly out of the back of the truck led to a rip shaped like an “L”.

May_2013 050

So many passing memories that float in and out of our consciousness like clouds moving on a breezy afternoon.  Some drift slowly like the air is barely moving while others fleet quickly with determination.  How can we keep those memories in our grasp?

May_2013 060

Well, sometimes I think I will remember everything until I realize the details begin to fade.  When I look at a photo or see the handwriting on a card, the floating memories move into focus again.  If only I could tuck them all in a satchel so they remain waiting for me to pick them up or put them down at will.

May_2013 062

But time changes everything and everything is always changing.  So, for now, I will store my memories as best I can.

May_2013 073

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