Latest Fight Night

Live coverage from the arena in upstate NY!  In the right corner is the defending champion Studio 700 Knitting Machine looking strong after 30 years and coming from the UPS delivery truck.  In the left corner is the “Knitting Newbie” from Cabin Creek Stitchery with no formal training in technique or patternwork.

April_2013 023


The challenger begins with the tension rod set up and yarn threading through the obstacle course of levers and holes.  The needles are aligned and positioned waiting for the carriage to initiate.  The movement begins smoothly with the clickety-clack sound of a train until…SNAG!  The newbie is trapped in a carriage arm bar and can’t let the yarn escape.  The horn blows and round 1 is over.

April_2013 024

Returning to the corner, the “Knitting Newbie” looks defeated.  She flips through more pages of the instruction manual and resets her calculations.  The tension rod setting gets iced and the yarn massaged into place to return for round 2.  Again, the gliding mechanism begins slowly, the “Newbie” looks confident and WHAM!  Another blow.  Underestimating the experience of training and technical advisement was a huge mistake.  However, this challenger doesn’t shy away from the pounding.  She takes a deep breath, resumes her fighting stance and is determined to defeat the Studio 700 Knitting Machine.

April_2013 026

Cabin Creek Stitchery is up and coming in this arena AND with some more time and practice will be turning out great results.  The “Knitting Newbie” will master this Studio 700 Knitting Machine.  You can count on that!  Stay tuned as we bring you more live coverage from upstate NY!


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  1. Stephanie says:

    Love this post! Can’t wait for the breaking news coverage!!! Ps. I recommend calming music like enya in the ipod when working with such a competitor.