Spring Cleaning

Are you spring cleaning?

With the sunny, warm weather it’s hard for me to resist getting outside and enjoying the fresh air.  As my feet pound along the pavement, my mind begins to wander.  What am I going to do with the piles of clothing I cleared from the closets that our family won’t be wearing anymore?

april_2013 013

The usual list of donating to charity and passing children’s items along to younger families is a definite.  But can I be more creative?

april_2013 016

Introducing the “Elizabeth” Quilted and Upcycled Oven Mitts.  My sister-in-law, Elizabeth, is an avid baker and a true whiz in the kitchen.  She has every cooking tool and utensil ever made.  However, last month she reported she can’t find oven mitts to fit her hands.  Her small hands are often swallowed up by traditional oven mitts, leaving her uncoordinated and fumbling with hot items.

april_2013 018
So I gathered some of my spring colored sweaters, began tracing patterns, cutting insulated batting and designed smaller oven mitts.  Each top and bottom have four layers quilted together to provide protection from the heat.  They are machine washable and tumble dry.  My sister-in-law will be receiving a new set for her wedding anniversary in May and they make great gifts for Mother’s Day, too.  So as you spring clean this year, think about upcycling and having “Elizabeth” quilted oven mitts made.


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  1. Rob says:

    Awesome idea! I know that your sister-in-law will love it. Not only will she appreciate having a properly fitting oven mitt, but will also be glad that it is recycled.

    • cabincreek says:

      Rob, thank you. Cabin Creek Stitchery tries to listen to suggestions and implement those ideas when available. Love a new design challenge!