Monthly Archives: March 2013

Go Team!

Clink!  You pop the top off a cold bottle of beer.  Your nose tingles with the spicy scent of hot sauce on buffalo wings .  You hear the announcers listing the starting players.  Everything is ready for the big game.  You recline back, put your feet up, take a deep breath and soon realize…you’re cold. […]

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As I followed the instructions of the GPS, my car rounded another corner, ascended the driveway and a striking view of Adirondack mountains swept in front of me.  I couldn’t help but stare.  So often I am rushing from place to place that I forget to stop and drink in what nature has to offer.  The sky […]

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Last summer, while riding an ATV in a Nevada desert, I caught myself thinking, “I can’t believe I’m doing this!”. During that summer vacation, my relaxed state of mind led me to consider the marriage of the creative “me” and the professional “me”. Though I’m not what I would consider an adventurous person, lately I […]

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