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An article of clothing can bring me back to a distant memory so quickly it feels like I’m riding on a jet plane. One autumn day in Houston, Texas I was walking through Rice University and my boyfriend grabbed my belt loop.  I took the next step forward and heard “RRRIIIIIPPP”.  He had pulled the […]

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The Garden

“I used to grow gardenias THIS big,” exaggerated my great uncle as he rounded his fingers into a circle as large as a dessert dish. My grandparents family had owned greenhouses in a small town in the Garden State and supplied flowers as far as NYC.  I was told stories about growing roses and winning […]

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Latest Fight Night

Live coverage from the arena in upstate NY!  In the right corner is the defending champion Studio 700 Knitting Machine looking strong after 30 years and coming from the UPS delivery truck.  In the left corner is the “Knitting Newbie” from Cabin Creek Stitchery with no formal training in technique or patternwork.   The challenger […]

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Last summer, while riding an ATV in a Nevada desert, I caught myself thinking, “I can’t believe I’m doing this!”. During that summer vacation, my relaxed state of mind led me to consider the marriage of the creative “me” and the professional “me”. Though I’m not what I would consider an adventurous person, lately I […]

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On the Go

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Americans today seem to be constantly on the go. Wake up, grab coffee, head to school, rush to practice, pick up food. GO, GO, GO! As I head out the door, I grab my bag. Afterall, it contains everything I need while traveling: keys, smartphone, wallet and … a knitting project. Knitting fit into my […]

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