Custom Quilts

Made for everyday use to be enjoyed, loved and treasured.

Handmade Knitted Goods

Perfect for fashion AND function!

Sister Scarves

Perfect for the "sister" in your life (also works for neighbors, teachers, friends, etc.)

Hair Accessories

Warm and on the cover of fashion mags everywhere!

Custom Quilts, Knitted Items and Up-Cycled Goods

Cabin Creek Stitchery provides custom quilts, hand knitted and crocheted apparel, 18” doll items, and unique up-cycled goods. Located in the Adirondack Mountains, products are inspired by the beauty of nature, the appreciation of quality material and the respect of our environment. Many women have influenced me over my lifetime, and I pay homage to their memory and talents in the items I create. (My first sewing machine was purchased by my mother over a decade ago so that I could learn to quilt. A passion for selecting fabrics and creating designs has emerged. My maternal grandmother crocheted baby blankets by the hundreds and was considered “a woman before her time” with her skill at repurposing and recycling. As a young girl, she taught me the beginner foundation stitch and I would crochet on the floor by her feet. In her honor, I taught myself to crochet and produced dresses for her great-granddaughter to wear. Lastly, the Sister Scarves are dedicated to my older sister and sister-in-law who continue celebrating family traditions during the holidays.) Wives, mothers, girlfriends, sisters and daughters love thoughtful gifts. At Cabin Creek Stitchery, the transformation of simple materials into memorable heirlooms awaits you.